Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers are regular members of the community just like

you. If you are community minded and looking to make a

difference we are looking for individuals to work with our

existing members.

What do Volunteers do?

There are many ways that Volunteers can make a valuable

contribution to the community. CFA welcomes different people

with different skills to meet a wide variety of community needs.

The brigade has two types of roles, firefighting and non-fighting

roles (support team).

Firefighting Roles –

Refers to emergency operations roles that respond to a range of

incidents, including firefighting, road accidents, industrial

rescues, flood relief and chemical spills.

  • Attending fires – bushfires and structural

  • Conducting fuel reduction burns

  • Attending road accident rescues

  • Attending incidents involving hazardous materials

  • Attending other emergencies including flood assistance

  • Attending other types of rescue


Non Firefighting Roles –

  • Fire Safe Kids presenters & other community education programs

  • Fundraising activities

  • Brigade training

  • Brigade equipment maintenance

  • Media and public relations

  • Multicultural liaison

  • Brigade administration


Benefits of being a volunteer


Being a CFA volunteer can involve some hard work, but the rewards are great.


You can:

  • Develop leadership and people management capabilities

  • Learn new skills that help you in your professional and personal life

  • Receive accredited training

  • Meet new friends

  • Be part of Victoria’s largest volunteer team

  • Achieve personal goals

  • Put something back into your community

  • Involve the whole family