Our tanker is a prototype 4.4c Tanker. This truck is unique in that it has no crew deck and all fire fighting is either done from within the cabin using the remote monitors or from the ground. The tanker’s pump is also PTO driven with more than normal pumping capacity for tanker. 


It has:

  • Pumping Capacity of 2000 litres per minute

  • 3750 litre tank

  • Dual high pressure system

  • Class A Foam System

  • 3x Remote Controlled Monitors



Our pumper is a type 3 light pumper,  which was previously owned by Phillip island Brigade. It was transferred to Baxter in 2018.

It has:

  • 3000 litres per minute pumping capacity

  • 1200 litre water tank

  • Class A foam system

  • Class B foam system

  • Seats 6 in cab

  • 5 speed manual transmission

  • 2x 64mm outlets

  • 2x 38mm outlets

  • 1 x live reel